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My Story

My journey of awakening began back in 2011, after the financial crisis of 2009 my world fell apart. I had just become a Mother and my marriage had broken down, I lost my house and all the trinkets that the world told me I needed to be happy. I found myself questioning everything in my life, everything that seemed to be solid had fallen away.

​My spiritual journey was not an easy path or a short one. Like most things in my life, I took my time. I had been raised to follow the rules, tick boxes, fit in, don’t go against the grain. This advice failed me.

This is the point in my life that I asked for help from a power greater than me.  After that epiphany things started to change for me. I found the strength to leave what did not serve me and embraced my power and followed my inner guidance.

That's when I submerged myself in spiritual teachings and practices, threw myself into my studies became a Kinesiologist, got out of debt, created a new career, and found my soul mate, marrying him in Maui in 2017. 

I reinvented myself and found Peace, Love, Health, and Abundance and you can too.  


I believe we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience.  We have a Divine Spark within us that connects us to Source consciousness. You did not come here to play a small or feel trapped in a life that feels monotonous.  


You came here to connect to your true divine nature and I came here to help you do that. 

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