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Do you want to achieve a specific goal and you need support in showing up for yourself.

Are you at a crossroads and you need guidance and clarity so you can make the next right step.

Do you have old ancestral issues you’ve been working on for years and it’s now time to finally let it go.

Do you have health issues and want to look at this a different way, beyond the symptoms?

I will support, teach and guide you to discover

and connect to the

Divine Spark that already exists within you.

How we'll work together

In my 1-on-1 we get clear about your true vision for the future and what desired result you wish to create, and then identify the major sources of resistance such as beliefs, emotions, ancestral, identity, spiritual and also physical, through this process we then create a deeper energetic alignment to your desired end result


I help you identify your deeper intentions and support you to release these hidden and unidentified blocks in order to live in alignment with your true nature and purpose and move toward becoming the dominant creative force in all areas of your life. 

Working this way on a regular basis is a perfect way to stay in alignment with your goals and to support your energy and manage resistance along the way.


Single 90 Minute Sessions

Conscious Creator Bundles

4 x 90min Sessions

For commitment to your transformation invest in our VIP Life Mastery Program a minimum 3-month commitment.

Forest Road

Life Mastery Program

The Life Mastery program is my VIP membership for clients who are ready to go all in and committed to creating conscious change in their life. This is a minimum 3 month commitment to work with me as your personal mentor and coach. 

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