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  Ignite your 
Divine Spark

FREE 30 minute Discovery Call

tap into your true potential and soul purpose



I am so glad you have found your way here! 


Have you been feeling like you are at a crossroads and you lack direction and clarity about your next step and would love guidance?

Do you feel like there's an aspect of your life missing and you may feel like you have lost a part of yourself along the way?


Would you love to learn the skills to connect to your inner wisdom and create the life you want and realise your full potential? 

Have you felt exhausted, suffer from anxiety, struggle with other health issues, and want to look at this in a different way, beyond the symptoms?

Are you ready to tap into your inner guidance and ignite your magic within and claim the life you know you are meant to live!

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Through working with me we explore and gain a deep clarity for the future:


By transforming your emotional charge into wisdom.


Helping you release the resistance that's been holding you back  from achieving the results you crave.


 Provide tools and guidance to implement a structure that   empowers you to create real long-lasting change and keep it!


Help you identify and release self-sabotage programs & Identities.


Empower yourself to create a new way of being, that makes way for the new you. 

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What my clients are saying

"As a seeker of knowledge and truth, I have seen a great number of healers and been exposed to many different modalities.  I was impressed with Verena's intuition, confidence, and results which had me go back for more but she blew me away when she introduced Magnetic Mind Method / Rapid Recode to her sessions. Verena is very focused and is always prepared, I always feel like she is intune with me and helps guide me to overcome my emotional struggles and achieve my heart's desire."

- Nadege Godfrey
  Melbourne - Australia 


We all have the Divine Spark within us

It's now time to awaken your 

magic within!

Begin your journey now!

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